Accounting and Book Keeping

The focus of formulation of accounting systems is to ensure greater transparency in financial data, address accounting issues arising from complex business transactions and harmonization with Global Accounting practices in the legal framework of accounting principles and accounting standards.

We provide a range of services from organizing the accounting office/section, developing job descriptions, specifying and elaborating with chart of accounts, preparing accounting work. We assist in providing an accounting system, compilation of financial data with month end financial results consolidation, financial and business analysis budgeting and forecasting.

We do bank and other reconciliations, orders and sales management and accounts payables and receivables, credit and collections payroll & billing, asset accounting management, income statements and reports such as the Trial Balance, the Profit and Loss, Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statements, Management Reports, sales reports and other accounting journals and reports.

Income Tracking

Raising Invoices
Entering Collections and Issuing Receipts
Publishing Defaulters Reports
Sending Reminders to Defaulters
Calculation and Addition of Penalty
Handling Accounting Complaints from Members
Tracking Non-Member Income
Handling Ad-hoc Member Income and Cheque Bounces
Tracking of Suspense Transactions

Expense Tracking

Entering Bills and Payments
Entering Day to Day Expenses
GST Working and Payable Statement
TDS Working and Payable Statement